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The Border Projects by Jacqueline Weaver

May 26 - July 22

In effort to promote exchange around the topic of borders and displacement, The Border Projects seek to open dialogue about daily experiences with borders or boundaries as they relate to the ideas of home and/or displacement. These projects are an attempt to examine and understand the complexity of border conflicts at home and abroad along with those borders that manifest differently in each city or home as invisible lines, through economics, ethnicity, psychology, or other deeply personal ways.  The projects serve as a blueprint for synthesizing the constant stream of information moving through the world and creating a strategy of mobilization within it--a way to keep moving against a current that I/we cannot face alone.

The Border Projects pose questions such as: How do we look at what is happening around us? How do we look without losing our minds? Is that even possible? How can we keep listening when all we want to do is cover our ears? How do we continue to pay attention? How did we become so deeply divided by borders, visible and invisible? How do we bear witness to trauma, sit with it, hold it, grieve? What are we choosing to look at? What are we looking away from? What are the ethical implications of our decisions?

As the projects evolve, conversation becomes the critical "medium" for the work. Conversation as a medium opened up new avenues for understanding and thinking about borders and the subsequent war, grief, and trauma often resulting from them. Through conversation people talk about the ways we experience borders and boundaries in our own lives, here and now.  In conversation people talked about mental illness, gender, race, class, discrimination, immigration, politics, addiction, the things that are sometimes labeled “off-limits” in our homes. We talked about the borders we put up for protection, borders put up out of fear, borders that felt necessary and unnecessary. We talked about the Syrian Refugee crisis, about homelessness, about what it means to make friends with the enemy.

This space will function as an experimental studio space and meeting place for community making. The new project, Shelter Me, funded by the New York State Council on the Arts’ DEC grant for artists, facilitates making in response to conversation around the issues of borders, whether geopolitical, social, psychological, economic, or otherwise.

In light of our current political climate and the deep divisions among ideologies, friends, and families, these topics are essential themes for the general public to engage. It is necessary for us to create a space for constructive conversation and deep listening to occur in efforts to work together toward a common goal. Art is a place this can happen.

To get involved and be a part of the dialogue, we invite you to join us at our Community Sessions.  See Schedule Below.

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Community Sessions

Session 1:

Saturday, June 3, 12-2pm and 2-4pm

Sunday, June 4, 1-3pm 

Wednesday June 7, 6:30-8:30pm


Session 2:

Saturday, June 24, 10-2pm

Sunday, June 25, 10-2pm

Tuesday, June 27, 6-9pm

Wednesday, June 28 6-9pm