The Collar Works Team

Collar Works is supported by a dedicated community of staff, volunteers and friends. Each of our team members brings unique experience and passion to make Collar Works an exciting contemporary arts destination in upstate New York.

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Elizabeth Dubben Executive Director

Elizabeth Dubben
Executive Director


Board of Directors

Jenny Kemp Chair

Jenny Kemp

Georgia Wohnsen Vice Chair

Georgia Wohnsen
Vice Chair

Isabelle Holmes Treasurer

Isabelle Holmes

Jennifer Hunold Secretary

Jennifer Hunold

Sanford Mirling Co-Founder

Sanford Mirling

Colin Boyd Co-Founder

Colin Boyd

Kevin Mullen

Kevin Mullen

Ken Ragsdale

Ken Ragsdale

Sean Fuller

Sean Fuller

Justin Baker

Justin Baker


Advisors to the Board

Sharon Bates
Ian Berry
Judie Gilmore
Janet Riker


Committee Members + Volunteers

Patty Cestero
Chris Harrold
Monica Bill Hughes
Julie Pamkowski
Angelique Payson
John Yost