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MAD Collar Party

The Collar Works Anti-Gala

When summer is in full swing, it’s time for the annual MAD Collar Party, where we bring the outdoors indoors for a midsummer party packed with tailgating flair and time-honored backyard traditions! Together we have some fun and raise some mad cash for a stellar cause!

Here’s a preview:

ART YARD SALE During our MAD Collar Party, Collar Works hosts an ART YARD SALE, a special one-night-only exhibit of affordable small works by talented local artists! It is a fantastic opportunity to snag an amazing work of art for your collection, support local artists + help grow Collar Works' Artist Fund, which allows us to support the development of new works, opportunities or site-specific projects by emerging and underrepresented artists.  Proceeds are split 50/50 with artists. 

MAD COLLAR COMPETITION Come decked out in your own eccentrically designed, detachable collars and enter the MAD Collar Competition (after all, we do call an historic collar factory in the Collar City home). Prizes are awarded, and with this inventive crowd we know we’ll see some creativity.

Why “MAD”? Collar Works has never followed the well-trodden path, and the works showcased within our walls embody that same energy. Our roots as a contemporary arts space began in a collar factory in the Collar City, and when we thought of the kind of party we wanted to throw, the words eccentric, outlandish, weird, and fun came to mind; thus the MAD Collar Party was born. Irreverent but clever, adventurous but thoughtful, provocative yet delightful: these are the tenets of how we cultivate exhibitions, craft events, and make friends. Join us.

A HUGE THANK YOU to our 2018 MAD Collar Party Sponsors

Rare Form Brewing Company

Capital Wine

Albany Distilling Company

Bella Enzo by D&L Hospitality

The Humble Chef

Sweet Sue's Copper Pot


Nani's Iced Tea


Big Box Wood

Nicky Lightz

97.7 WEXT

and more!


Photos from our 2017 party.