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Machine Breakers

August 31 - October 13, 2018

 Image by Jenny Schmid

Image by Jenny Schmid

Machine Breakers explores the reactions of printmakers to the automatic and systematic world around them; a world where technology has infiltrated every facet of life, from family and food to politics and war.

The term Machine Breaker is a reference to early industrial era British textile workers who, inspired by the mythical “General Ludd” of the Luddite movement, smashed the automated textile machines that threatened to displace their jobs. With contemporary examples like laborers displaced by robot arms on the automotive assembly line or the replacement of unionized cab drivers by driverless Uber vehicles, where are today’s Machine Breakers?

Machine Breakers presents a diverse interpretation and reaction of the mechanized world, from critique and distrust to devotion and fascination.  Participating artists chose to explore themes including co-option, revolution, infection, symbiosis, destruction, and dystopia/utopia. 

Participating artists include: Andrea Ferrigno, Dusty Herbig, Jessi Hardesty, Ericka Walker, Justin Diggle, Jenny Schmid, Raphael Cornford, Katie Ries, Daniel Ogletree, Ruthann Godellei, Terry Conrad, Nathan Meltz, Taryn McMahon, Dylan McManus, and Thorsten Dennerline.

Past Exhibit

  I am Syria,  by Nada Odeh

I am Syria, by Nada Odeh


March 30 – May 12, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, March 30, 5 – 8pm

Rabbi Linda Motzkin, Niamatullah, Nada Odeh,
Claudia Sanchez, Jean Tansey, and Yeachin Tsai

Curated by Sandra Rouse and Anne Liljedahl

Article 13 takes its title from the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, namely: “Every-
one has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State, and everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and return to his country.”

Why not look to art to reveal the human story politics? Spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and
visceral experiences all transcend political insulation which only fuels fear of differences. “We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike,” pens Maya Angelou in her poem, Human Family


Saturday, March 31, from 2 – 4pm  ||  Article 13 Poetry, Film + Dialogue with Rana Bitar, Jad Jacob, and Nada Odeh.

Rana Bitar, originally from Syria will read from her forthcoming chap book, A Loaf of
Bread. Jad Jacob, currently studying film at NYU, will present “iamsyria”, his documentary film about the journey of Syrians who left their country for Germany. An engaging conversation will be offered with Rana Jacob, and Nada Odeh who left Syria in 2013.

Sunday, April 22, from 2 – 4pm  ||  Article 13 Forum with the NY Civil Liberties Union, the Global Institute for Health and Human Rights, and the Saratoga Immigration Coalition.

Information forum, presentations and dialogue, with an opportunity for questions. Focus on immigration and, in particular, its impact in the Capital District Seasonal workers, sanctuary cities, legal issues, and support services will be discussed by Samantha Howell, attorney and longtime member of the Board for the NY Civil Liberties Union; Dr. Dina Refki, Interim Co-Director of the Global Institute for Health and Human Rights at SUNY Albany; and Terence Diggory, Co-coordinator of Saratoga Immigration Coalition.


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Images from "The Border Projects" by Jacqueline Weaver, shown in The LAB in 2017.