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Carillon Smith,  Green Girl,  Stop Motion and Animation, 2018

Carillon Smith, Green Girl, Stop Motion and Animation, 2018

NSFW: Not Safe For Work
Edwina Green, Havana Lui, Carillon Smith, Skye Volmar
Curated by Ilie Lichtenstein
The LAB @ Collar Works

March 29 - April 27, 2019
Opening Reception: March 29, 5-8pm

Not Safe For Work is traditionally the concept that a subject matter is unconventional, uncomfortable, or inappropriate for some or most audiences. In our current social and political climate there is censorship within most of what people do, say, or create. This show is meant to elevate voices, identities, and topics that audiences have trouble talking about. NSFW aims to create a sense of urgency for these conversations and ideas to come to fruition. This show is meant to start a conversation with its audience members and encourage emotion. Topics range from sex work, being mixed race, coming out as queer, and the decolonization of something as traditional as the wedding dress. These topics and the conversations they lead to are directly connected to the changes that need to occur within our communities. Additionally, it is meant to be recognized that the start of creating change is simply by talking about what needs changing. These artists and works at hand will and are shaping the future of contemporary art. These ideas stem directly from the history of marginalization and the ongoing challenges individuals face, as well as changes we are actively working towards in our political, social, and artistic landscapes.


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