Mission of Collar Works

Collar Works is a non-commission art space located in Troy, New York dedicated to the support of emerging and under-represented artists, working in any media, exhibiting challenging and culturally relevant contemporary artworks. Striving to expand the current art vernacular in New York’s capital region, Collar Works provides a venue for community dialogue focused on serious, provocative and spirited artworks.

Collar Works Gallery, 2016.

Collar Works Gallery, 2016.

Collar Works History

Collar Works sprung from a desire to see artwork in the Capital Region of a less commercial nature. Given the number of colleges and universities in the area providing Master of Arts degrees, the representation of these young emerging artists seemed lacking during monthly art walks. Launching in 2009 as a collective operation, Collar Works operated as a transitory gallery, taking advantage of various empty commercial spaces in downtown Troy, New York, a city on the cusp of cultural renewal. Exhibitions in the area, prior to Collar Works opening, often lacked the power of contemporary art language, severely under-representing artists working in energetic new media including video, performance, sculpture, drawing, painting, sound, etc. Collar Works defined these early exhibitions as unique amongst local venues by including artists with fresh visions of work that had the appeal of a burgeoning metropolitan gallery.


In 2010 Collar Works transformed 2700 decaying and disheveled square feet of a former textile manufacturing building, located at 444 River Street, into a gorgeous and dynamic gallery space.  2011 brought a surge of what can only be described as grassroots support proving a viable momentum and structure that appeals to curators, artists and viewers alike. The exhibition cycle was built in collaboration with guest curators and artists whose investments of time and creativity brought Collar Works to its eminent status as the venue for culturally relevant works in the Capital Region.  Collar Works called the third floor of 444 River Street home through 2014.  Now, in it's new home at 621 River Street in the Hudson Arthaus building since 2015, Collar Works continues to thrive with visual arts installations and a growing group of dedicated patrons.

The Future of Collar Works

The founders, and current Board and Staff of Collar Works envision an expansive growth that continues successful exhibitions and and cultivates new programs which support emerging artists, students, and curators, while providing cultural value to the community.

Over the past several years, Collar Works has developed strong connections to local institutions such as CAC Woodside, Salem Art Works, The Tang Teaching Museum, SUNY Albany, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and the Albany International Airport Gallery. It is our goal to fuel connections through productive cooperation and programs.

Our future is bright! Click here to learn more about our goals and ways to support Collar Works.