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August 30 – October 12, 2019

Artists: Nicole Bull, Courtney Dudley, Becca Van K, Juyon Lee, Ana Loor, Lil' Debs Oasis, Goldie Poblador, Adam Tinkle, Yesfolk Tonics

Curated by Kelsey Renko

Opening Reception: Friday, August 30 || 5 – 8pm

Episode 10: Collard Greens Dinner + Dialogue: TASTE ME || Saturday, October 5 || 6 – 9 pm (tickets required)

Evening of Sound with 'Feel Me' artist Adam Tinkle and friends || September 27 || 5 – 8 pm



feel me is a sensory show featuring immersive works. This exhibit asks viewers to explore the power of tactile art, pushing the conventional boundary of how we view art, not only through emotional experiences but through physical involvement.

feel me requires participation. This show is meant for everyone. You’ll be lead on a sensory journey through the gallery where the work begs you to see, taste, touch, smell and hear it.


Curated by Akili Tommasino

Opening Reception: Friday, October 25 || 5 – 8 pm

Collard Greens Dinner + Dialogue Ep. 11: UNSEEN || Saturday, December 14

More info to come…

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