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August 31 – October 13, 2018


Showcasing works by the Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency fellows. 

Sharon Bates, Annie Bartholomew, Rachel Baxter, Monica Bill Hughes, Brian Cirmo, Terry James Conrad, Lionel Cruet, Kathryn Bilharz Gabriel, Kyra Garrigue, Nora Griffin, Alexandra Hammond, Maddi LaValle, Fabian Lopez, Jack Magai, Ashley May, Mindy McDaniel, Gina Occhiogrosso, Kenny Rivero, Claire Sherwood, Michael Van Winkle - together with the late Elizabeth Murray (1940-2007).

Artist Reception: Friday, September 28, 5-8pm

For more than two decades, Elizabeth Murray and her husband Bob Holman, together with their family, split their time between a TriBeCa loft and a classic farmhouse in Washington County, New York.  Murray, who passed away in 2007, was a groundbreaking artist. Her many honors include a Skowhegan Medal in Painting in 1986, a MacArthur “genius” grant in 1999 and a career retrospective at MoMA in 2005. Holman, a poet and arts activist, founded the Bowery Poetry Club in 2002 and produced the PBS series The United States of Poetry.

In 2017, the Murray-Holman family partnered with Collar Works to design a summer residency program for visual artists.

With its 77 acres of bucolic farmland, barns, multiple bedrooms, common areas, the farm became an ideal residency location. For many years, the farm served as both a summer home for the Murray-Holmans and a creative retreat for Elizabeth, whose studio was located in the large, cathedral-like dairy barn, which now also house artist studios in the loft adjacent to Elizabeth's studio. Given the history, location and amenities, the family felt that the creative use of the property and its natural surroundings would carry on Elizabeth Murray’s legacy. Collar Works agreed.

The exhibition "Made in Granville' showcases the works by the artists who were in residence during the inaugural year of the Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency by Collar Works, side by side with original works by Elizabeth Murray, in partnership with her family and estate.

To learn more about the Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency, click here. 

Image Credit: Justin Baker  |  www.justintbaker.com

October 26 - December 22

Open Call 2018.jpg


Fern Apfel, Roger Bisbing, Michael Chang, Elizabeth Claffey, Andrew Dines, Scott Foster, Sarah Friedland, Michael Kondel, Matt LaFleur, Jan Nagle, Steve Rein, Madeline Seely, Franziska Stetter, Kyoko Takei, Michael Tarbi, Barbara Todd, Viktorsha Uliyanova, Michael Valiquette, Ari Wolff and Shannon Wright

Guest Curator:  Cara Manes, Associate Curator of Painting and Sculpture, MoMA

Opening Reception: Friday, October 26, 5 – 8pm

Collard Greens Dinner + Dialogue: Thursday, December 6th. 

Home is where the heart is. Home is where you hang your hat. Home away from home. Homemade; homegrown; homespun.  In idioms such as these, and in countless others, the notion of "home" can be understood as expansively as it is clichéd. Sometimes home is a physical place for living--a fixed building with a foundation, or an otherwise portable shelter, where domestic activities such as sleeping, preparing and eating food, and hygienic rituals can be carried out. But home is also a sense of place--one that can conjure feelings of refuge, family, nurture, or protection. And, as a destination ("home base; phoning home; homeward bound"), the idea of home solicits a range of responses, from nostalgia ("there's no place like home") to urgency, as its definition today is continually called into question with every legislative dispute over what constitutes a "border" and a "homeland."

The works in this exhibition consider notions of home in the expanded field. Whether speaking to one's personal relationship to a physical or psychological space, or to a broad sense of what it means to come from someplace, the artists in this exhibition are united in their desire to confront this complicated topic.

Image Credit: Ken Ragsdale | www.kenragsdale.com

Past Exhibition

May 25 – July 14, 2018


Dislocations: artists respond to Mass Incarceration

Opening Reception: Friday, May 25, 5-8pm

Collard Greens: Dinner + Dialogue: Thursday, June 7, 6-9pm

We live in a country that practices mass incarceration, yet the detention spaces and their communities often are invisible. Our ideas and stories about prisons, jails and correctional facilities frequently belong to a remote world of over-sensationalized flash news and fictions. This multimedia exhibition and series of events at Collar Works will explore carceral systems through creative initiatives and more direct conversations, showcasing artists’ work that are created in collaboration with and by the incarcerated. We wish to generate conversations about the current criminal justice system and its impact on our community through a collection of ways out, ways in, and in-betweens.

Exhibiting artists: Alison Cornyn, Patrick Kiley, Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge, Melissa Sarris, and Beth Thielen

Organized by Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge and Melissa Sarris, with support from Publication Studio Hudson.

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