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January 26 - March 17, 2018

Parallel Realities Card_Front.jpg

Opening Reception: Friday, January 26, 5-8pm

This exhibition is an exploration of the concept of mentorships within artistic practice. Regardless of the type of practice, whether student or mentor, this connection is different for each of us.  Sometimes direct and obvious, at others subtle and hard to pin down.

Intrigued by the countless different ways this connection is manifested, the relative importance of proximity and place, and how its nature evolves over time and in different media, Collar Works invited fourteen artists to exhibit and select an emerging artist, someone they had mentored and whose work has an affinity or vital connectedness to their own, to exhibit side by side in Parallel Realities

Exhibiting artists include: Jim Butler • Matt Tiernan, Caren Canier • Alix Bailey, David Carbone • Brant Moorefield, Joanne Carson • Ann Wolf, Phyllis Galembo • Julie Pamkowski, Mike Glier • Emmanuel Whyte, Kathy High • Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Phil Knoll • Cotter Luppi, Michael Marston • Jason Kates van Staveren, Susan Mastrangelo • Dena Paige Fischer, Ed Mayer • Matt Crane, Sue Muskat • Stephanie Anderson, Langdon Quin • Ford Bailey, Oliver Wasow • Rita Koehler.  Curated by Ken Ragsdale.


March 23 - April 28, 2018


Opening Reception: Friday, March 30, 5-8pm

The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, has been described as a transactional president; a man who can produce results. However a transaction is more than an end result or an exchange of commerce. More generally, a transaction is a communicative action or activity involving two parties or things that reciprocally affect or influence each other.

In this hyper-political, partisan, media saturated environment we currently live in, artists are tasked ever further with the choice of looking inward or outward. While the public voice is one of dissent, the private voice may be discordant, which in some ways is more confounding. The artists in Transactional Days negotiate this balance of the public and private by inviting the viewer to engage with them though theatre, performance and installation.

Though navigating these two streams is the job of the artist, ultimately these works rely on the viewer to determine the net outcome. Transactional Days wishes to look at the various ways that we as a society are currently communicating and influencing one another. The artists invite the viewer to intensively engage with them and the questions they are asking.


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