Your Contribution Counts!

At Collar Works, not only does 100% of every art sale go to the artist, we are proud that ALL of your individual tax-deductible contributions go directly to programs which fuel opportunities for artists. Please consider making a meaningful gift to Collar Works today!

Collar Works' mission is to support emerging and under represented artists, working in any media, exhibiting challenging and culturally relevant contemporary artworks. Striving to expand the current art vernacular in New York’s capital region, Collar Works provides a venue for community dialogue focused on serious, provocative and spirited artworks.

Donate today and join us in making Collar Works an arts incubator and an important destination for contemporary art in the region.  All contributions over $100 will be acknowledged on our website & in our Annual Report.



Our Future Goals

  • Improving functionality of our exhibition space in support of artists, to best display a wide range of their artworks.  Ex. Sealing the floor, building walls & pedestals, or other display material as needed.
  • Building educational programming that creates opportunities for emerging artists to expand dialogue around their art to all audiences.
  • Building a fund to support exhibiting artists by providing resources to offset exhibition costs, such as framing, shipping & handling.
  • Bringing experimental and challenging curatorial concepts to Collar Works from outside the Capital Region to expand the regional vernacular.
  • Continuing to support the incredible range of artistic creativity within the region & beyond.
  • Developing an artist-in-residence program.
  • Creating functional artist studios and maintaining a woodshop for resident artists of Hudson Arthaus.

Technology Wish List

  • Digital Projector(s)
  • Flat Screen TV(s)
  • Sound System
  • Projection Screen(s)
  • Gently used or new Mac Laptop(s)

Become A Program Sponsor

Collar Works partners with local small businesses and companies who have the desire to support the regional arts community.  We seek in-kind donations of goods and services, as well as underwriting program support.  In appreciation, Collar Works creates unique opportunities and benefits for their sponsors.

For more information on making an individual contribution to Collar Works or becoming a program sponsor, please contact Elizabeth Dubben, Executive Director at or call 518.285.0765