Material Witness: The Object of Photography

Opening Reception: Friday, March 31, 5-8pm

Closing Reception + Artist Talk: Friday, April 28, 5-8pm

Pushed from one side by social media and phone imagery and on the other side by artists who reject straight photography outright, the currents of photography today are more muddied—and more amazing—than ever before. Breaking from the tradition of photography as a passive truth machine, the lens and the film uncompromised, these artists instead let the idea and the image cultivate over time in the studio and beyond.

Collar Works Gallery is pleased to present Material Witness: The object of photography, an exhibition of artists who exemplify the shifting ground under what we now call photography.   Exhibiting Artists: Sarah Comfort, Scott Nelson Foster, Matt Frieburghaus, Danny Goodwin, Robert Hite, Nichola Kinch, Ellie Krakow, Anna Yeroshenko, New York State Mesonet. Co-curated by Justin Baker, Bill Jaeger and Rob O'Neil.


We would like to thank our exhibition sponsors, Rare Form Brewing Company, Capital Wine and No Name Design.  

Gallery Hours: Thursday + Friday, Noon-6pm.  Saturday, Noon-4pm.  Other times by appointment.

For more information you can reach us at or call 518.285.0765