Image Left: Moninski.  Image Right: Abbatiello

Image Left: Moninski.  Image Right: Abbatiello


Drawings and Paintings by Darcie Abbatiello and Richard Moninski
August 26 - September 18

Opening Reception: Friday, August 26 from 5-8 pm

Curator’s Statement

The works in this exhibition reveal a unique sense of truth in relation to place and time. 

Though seemingly quite different at first pass, both artists overlay a sublime mixture of emotional content and juxtaposed iconography onto layers of discovered information in a way that allows the resulting imagery to be equally and satisfyingly tangential to their inspirational sources. 

Sources that are masquerading as, or asserting to be, or might be, factual. 

There is a finely weighed mixture of historical fiction, documentary, and the front page of yesterday’s newspaper in both Moninski’s and Abbatiello’s work.

We, and the artists, take a Flaneur-like psycho-geographical walk through these historical environments, finding those spaces and connections of personal interest that reveal everything of momentary importance. 

What they give us so generously and beautifully is the privilege to constantly revisit those places of reflection and poignancy, yet never remember or rediscover them in the same manner or from the same direction.

“Making art is a way of arriving at knowledge that is not subject to cross-examination.”  William Kentridge

Kenneth Ragsdale, Curator


Artist Statements

Richard Moninski
It is a product of my reflections on the natural and cultural history of New England, the region where I was born and raised. I have particular interest in the seventeenth century, the time of European colonization, where the clash of Native and English cultures was extremely complex. In my paintings I juxtapose various indigenous flora and fauna, portraits of seventeenth century New Englanders and stylized representations of plants taken from European decorative arts traditions.  Being influenced by textiles, I have often appropriated ideas of textile and surface design in furthering my conceptual goals, like the conflation of fine and applied art and the imbuing of decorative imagery with symbolic content. I paint directly on commercially printed fabrics with acrylic, incorporating and modifying the existing printed designs, which are usually camouflage patterns. - RM

Darcie Abbatiello
Throughout these different series of drawings, Passed On, Missing Persons, Civil War Soldiers, and Magicians; I am dealing with an element of the unknown, the lost, the forgotten, and memory.  I am interested in these persons, primarily female subjects; who have graced the earth, have had encounters, have had stories- and then become lost in history with the passing of time.  Through the drawing process I feel as if I'm beginning to unearth their presence; to recreate them or give them a rebirth in a new place and time. -DA


We would like to thank our exhibition sponsors, Rare Form Brewing Company and No Name Design.  

Gallery Hours: Thursday + Friday, Noon-6pm.  Saturday, Noon-4pm.  Other times by appointment.


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