2013 – 2014 Exhibitions

Selected exhibitions from the 2013 – 2014 seasons, including exhibitions at 444 River Street and In our temporary space at 137 4th Street, Troy, New York


August 2013


May 2013
Curator: Jenny Kemp

Louisiana Sampler

March 2013
Guest Curator: Ingrid Ludt

'Louisiana Sampler' a snapshot of emerging artists. Times Union. Amy Griffin. April 18, 2013 (Link to full article here.)

Speed Curses

Performance written and directed by Josh Chambers
January 2013

Other exhibitions

(In temporary space at 137 4th Street, Troy, New York.)
TuesdayThursday, November 2014
Fictively Fact – Seamus Liam O'Brien and Ira Marcks, October 2014
Liquidation, September 2014
Discernible Regularities, June 2014
Means of Connection: Examinations by Ryan Clow and Jason van Staveren, May 2014

(In 444 River Street, Troy, New York gallery.)
Botany / 808's - new work by Robin Arnold, March 2014
I Wrote You A Love Letter - work by Jordan Baker, February 2014
In a country without maps, January 2014
Collective 113, December 2013
Oh, the Places…, November 23 – December 1, 2013
Chasing Tales - Helen J. Bullard + Julie Casper Roth, October 2013
Place and Displace, April 2013
Working / Drawing (Co-sponsored by Collar Works, at Fulton Street Gallery), January 2013